About Us

Our primary objectives are:


  • Fellowship and friendship 
  • Promote sound bear management principles 
  • Promote a positive image of the bear hound hunter to the general public 
  • Work with government agencies to ensure the primary purpose 
  • Encourage and promote youth participation in bear hunting with hounds 

Houndsman Code of Ethics


  • I will consider myself a guest of the landowner, seeking permission and conducting myself so I will be welcome in the future.
  • I will obey the rules of safe gun handling and will insist others who hunt with me do the same.
  • I will obey all game laws and regulations.
  • I will support conservation efforts which can ensure good hunting for future generations.
  • I will pass along to young hunters the attitudes and skills essential to a true outdoor sportsman.
  • I will promote fair chase, proper care of harvested animals,   humane treatment of all wildlife, and will do my utmost to protect the   young of all game I pursue.
  • I will be a positive example of resource stewardship.
  • I will do my best to tread lightly while afield and will leave no litter.
  • I will invite a young person or a nonhunter to join me afield.



The  Virginia Bear Hunters Association was organized in 1967 after bear hunters had been campaigning for years to have bear hunting season  separated from deer season.  It grew out of the Western Virginia  Sportsmen's Association and put the organization on a state-wide basis.  Printed on the first membership  cards and still our purpose today.........,

Dedicated to the preservation of hunting bear with dogs and to sound wildlife management principles.