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Hall of Fame

The Virginia Bear Hunters Association established a Hall of Fame in 2007 to honor bear hunters who either through their service to the Association or their inspiration to other bear hound hunters deserve special recognition.

We acquired a large board that is displayed at all VBHA meetings and pertinent events.  A name-plate is added for new Hall of Fame members as they are inducted at a VBHA meeting.

The current members of the VBHA Hall of Fame and the person who nominated them is shown below:

VBHA Hall of Fame
2007 Bill Draper Bill Draper, Jr.
2007 Gene Smith David Steger
2007 Harry Crawford Steve Alley
2007 Jerry Phillips Sandy Cornwell
2007 James Cregger Ernest Musser, III
2007 Frank Blessing Ernest Musser, III
2007 Rudolph Blessing Ernest Musser, III
2007 Estill Stilwell Bill Draper, Jr. et al
2008 James Bradley Randall Brillhart
2008 Robert Bradley Opal Caldwell
2008 Charles Montgomery Ann Montgomery
2008 Jesse Bridge Jerry Moore
2008 W. B. (Bert) Armstrong Cecil Boggs
2008 Woodrow Smith Denny Smith
2008 Todd Harris Larry Mustard
2008 Carrie Crawford Warren Radford
2008 Denny Smith Steven Carper, Jr.
2008 Cecil Boggs H. Kirby Burch
2009 Malcolm Horne Sammy Myers
2009 Robert (Bob) Hancock Chet Hancock, Sandy Hutchison
2009 Frank Craft Chet Hancock, Sandy Hutchison
2010 John Carl Franklin Hunter Thrasher
2010 Eddie Sheets J. C. Ashbury
2010 Albert Clark Tommy Perkey
2011 Jerry Moore Roger Lowry
2011 Dahmon Ball Wayne Ball
2012 Jack Schumaker Jimmy Bradley
2012 Dick Collins Bob Weaver
2013 Harvey Bryant Neal Massie
2015 Eddie Hoge Ernest Musser, III
2016 Timothy James Lewis Jake Campbell
2016 Wayne Ball Lacie Hale
2016 Maggie Phillips Thompson Valley Hunt Club
2016 Jack Thompson Joan Thompson
2018 Wayne Hensley Joshua Overstreet

After the initial Hall of Fame nominations, the following criteria were established by the membership:
  • All Nominees must be Virginia bear hunters.
  • If living, the nominee must be a member of the Virginia Bear Hunters Association.  If deceased, membership is not a requirement.
  • All nominees must be 60 years of age or older.
  • All nominations must be made by a VBHA member.
  • There is no limit to the number of inductees.
  • To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, the member will send a nomination letter to the VBHA Secretary.
  • Nominations will be printed in the newsletter and the official induction ceremony will be held at the next memembership meeting.