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Many more details about the 2017-18 black bear harvest is available on the VDGIF website.  Read more..........



It is a class one misdemeanor in Virginia to remove a tracking collar (§ 18.2-97.1). The penalty may be up to a one thousand dollar fine and one year in prison. Obviously, there are other charges that may be filed related to the destruction or attempt to dispose of the collar. The theft of the dog (§18.2-97) or killing a dog (§ 18.2-144) are both class five felonies with prison time, fines and the loss of citizenship (loss of the right to keep and bear arms) as a consequence. It is unlawful for any person to deliver or release any animal not owned by that person to a pound, animal shelter or humane society or to pretend to be the agent of the owner (§ 18.2-144.2).

from the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance website